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AGNT’s Quantum Leap: Reshaping Live Events in the Heart of Alberta & Beyond.

Discover how AGNT, with the support of Alberta Innovates, is spearheading innovation in the live events industry and redefining your event experience.

As we step into a new chapter of AGNT’s journey, I’m excited to share a momentous update that carries the echoes of innovation and growth. In the spirit of our relentless pursuit of excellence, we are poised to embark on a transformational path that promises to elevate how we experience and interact with live events.

Our journey since the BETA launch in November has been nothing short of remarkable. With the unwavering support of our early adopters, we’ve reached a pivotal milestone, a testament to the invaluable feedback that you, our dedicated community, have generously provided. Your insights have been instrumental in refining AGNT’s offerings, making them even more responsive to your needs.

We’ve harnessed this feedback to diligently craft our service, with a particular focus on Edmonton, our home base. In the heart of Alberta, a province known for its pioneering spirit, we’ve been honing our understanding of our ideal customers and perfecting our product-market fit. Alberta has rapidly become a hotbed for innovation, with substantial investments pouring into the tech industry, positioning it as a rising star on the global tech landscape. We’ve seized this opportunity, to work closely with Alberta Innovates to scale up our operations and drive AGNT’s evolution through many of their programs.

Alberta Innovates has provided us with the resources, mentorship, and strategic guidance to propel AGNT to new heights. It’s not just a leap; it’s a quantum leap in our quest to reshape the live events industry. Alberta’s commitment to nurturing tech startups aligns seamlessly with our mission to revolutionize talent booking, payments, and contract management.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that AGNT is making the transition from TestFlight to the App Store, marking its availability to everyone across Canada. This monumental leap is accompanied by our acceptance and jouerny with 500 Global’s accelerator, an achievement that’s already yielding invaluable insights on how we can better serve you, our cherished community.

AGNT remains dedicated to providing a platform that’s free and commission-free, creating opportunities for talents and offering organizers an ever-growing pool of vetted artists. For our early adopters who’ve been with us through the TestFlight chapter, I invite you to download the new AGNT from the App Store or Google Play Store. You can now bid farewell to the TestFlight version, but remember to keep your app updated as we continue to evolve.

Our commitment to AGNT’s growth and your experience is unwavering. As we expand our roster of talents across Canada, we’re curating a lineup of premier artists to meet your event needs, no matter where you are. Your patience, enthusiasm, and invaluable feedback fuel our drive to innovate and enhance AGNT.

In this era of connectivity, opportunity, and stellar live events, AGNT stands as a beacon of what’s possible when innovation and community converge. As we journey forward, we’re fueled by your passion, and we remain dedicated to creating experiences that resonate long after the last note is played.

With warm regards,

Viet Nguyen
CEO / Co-Founder

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