5 Things Every AGNT DJ Should Know

Reaching the next level doesn’t happen by accident. The DJs that put in the work and hustle harder are the ones that end up on the main stage. That’s the way it is in real life, and it’s no different on AGNT.

AGNT gives you the opportunity to get booked, but it’s on you to make it happen. And for DJs looking to reach the next level, here are 5 key things to remember.


Keep your Profile 100

Remember to complete your profile 100%! We can’t stress this enough! It may sound obvious, but many AGNT DJs have not completed their profile, and it’s only hurting themselves. Incomplete profiles do not show up in the AGNT feed, which means you’re invisible to organizers. And if they can’t find you, they can’t book you. So if you want to make yourself more visible, the simplest thing you can do is complete you AGNT profile.


A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Gigs

Your profile photo is the first things organizers will see, so you want make a good first impression. Don’t settle for blurry Facebook photos or iPhone shots. Think about investing in a professional photographer – any DJ will tell you it’s crucial to your success. A good photographer will be able to craft an attention-grabbing image that expresses your style, and the type of DJ you are.


Express Yourself

One of the best ways to impress organizers is to take advantage of the bio section in your AGNT profile. It lets people know who you are (not just what you sound like), and puts your resume on display as well. For the most impact, try to keep your bio concise descriptive, less than 500 words. And don’t be afraid to humble-brag! Remember, you’re trying to sell yourself here. If you’re not a writer, think about hiring a blogger to write your bio for you. Trust us, a small investment will go a long way.


Reach for the 5 Stars

Building a good reputation takes work but believe us, it’s worth it. People want to work with DJs they can rely on; they’re far more likely to book you if they can trust you. And if you keep your AGNT rating high, you’ll earn people’s trust. Plus, you’ll show up near the top of your city’s feed. So make sure you reply to messages promptly, being a professional at gigs, and making sure your clients walk away with a good impression of you.


Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Sorry, there’s no substitute for hard work. If you want to get booked, you have put in the time and energy. Keep your eye out for gigs that suit you. Talk to promoters and organizers in your city, and show them how they can book you through AGNT. Follow up with leads, promote yourself on social media, and keep your music and your skills fresh! There’s opportunity out there, and if you’re willing to put in the work, you can find it with AGNT.




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  1. Memphis

    Spot on. Thanks for this article.


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